ktestのJuniper JNCIS JN0-332テキストの正解率が90%を維持できるようになるまでトレーニングしてもいいです

By | 12月 23, 2017

Ktest JNCIS JN0-332試験の保守と診断関する知識が含まれて、自信が上がるだけじゃなく、Ktestも100%合格することを保証できます。Ktestは本当のJNCIS認定資格Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist, SEC (JNCIS-SEC)試験問題集の変化に基づいて、よく更新しますので、Ktestが勉強者に高品質な資料を提供するのを確保します。KtestのJN0-332試験対策はIT講師と豊富な経験を持つ技術専門家を共に真実なJN0-332試験環境を構成されて、JNCIS認定資格JN0-332試験合格できるのを保障します。KtestのJNCIS認定資格トレーニングJN0-332試験の参考書を使って、本試験中、的中率の高さに驚かされっぱなしでした。

Share some JNCIS JN0-332 exam questions and answers below.
The integrated user firewall feature requires which authentication server type?

A. Active Directory

B. SecureID



Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding security zones on an SRX Series device? (Choose two.)

A. A routing instance can contain multiple zones.

B. A zone can contain multiple interfaces.

C. An interface can span multiple zones.

D. A zone can span multiple routing instances.

Answer: A,B

A packet that does not belong to an existing session enters your SRX Series device. Your SRX Series device is operating in its default mode. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The packet is processed through the fast path.

B. The packet is subject to policer operations.

C. The packet is subject to stateless filters.

D. The packet is not processed because no session ID exists.

Answer: B,C

You want to configure one-to-one static mapping of IP addresses using an address pool without using PAT on an SRX Series device. Which source NAT option would you use?

A. Interface-based source NAT

B. Proxy ARP

C. Address shifting

D. Overflow pool

Answer: C

While configuring an HA cluster on a pair of SRX Series devices, you made a mistake during the setup. Now Node0 is part of Cluster ID 1 and Node1 is part of Cluster ID 2. Which three actions would resolve this error? (Choose three.)

A. Change the cluster ID for both nodes to 3 and issue acommit synchronizecommand.

B. Change the cluster ID for both nodes to 3 and reboot them.

C. Change the cluster ID for both nodes to 0 and reboot them.

D. Change the cluster ID for Node0 to 2 and reboot it.

E. Change the cluster ID for Node1 to 1 and reboot it.

Answer: B,D,E

長年のIT認証経験どおり、JN0-332(Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist, SEC (JNCIS-SEC))試験問題集模擬テストは日本市場の勉強者に認証育成と自己検定の一番良い製品を提供いたします。KtestはIT認定試験を準備する勉強者にJuniperJNCIS認定資格認定試験に関するJNCIS資格JN0-332模擬テストの命中率がが高くて、よい模擬テストを提供しています。KtestのJN0-332試験問題集模擬テストは試験経験が豊富なIT専門家から作り上げた最新バージョンです。 弊社のJN0-332試験問題集を使用したら、合格テイン点を取得するのは簡単になります。


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