ktestのJuniper JNCIA資格JN0-102試験問題集を利用して、身につけることができます

By | 1月 20, 2018

ktestのJuniper JNCIA資格 JN0-102(Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate, Junos(JNCIA-Junos) )試験資料は知識を広げ、スキルを深める試験内容を習得することができます。

弊社のJuniper JNCIA JN0-102問題集を使用すれば、本場の試験環境を作り、簡単に合格できます。
弊社のJuniper JNCIA JN0-102試験資料を利用して、身につけることであります。
Juniper JNCIA JN0-102無料サンプル試用してから買うかどうかを決めることができます。

JN0-102J試験:Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate, Junos(JNCIA-Junos) 日本語版
Topic 1, Volume A

The IP address belongs to which class of IP address space?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D
Answer: A

For the interface ge-1/2/3.4, what does “ge” represent?
B. Gigabit Ethernet
C. Aggregated Ethernet
Answer: B

Which word starts a command to display the operational status of a Junos device?
A. put
B. set
C. show
D. get
Answer: C

Which command prompt indicates that you are in operational mode?
A. user@router&
B. user@router#
C. user@router%
D. user@router>
Answer: D

What is the decimal equivalent of 00000100?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 9
D. 12
Answer: B

What is a valid IPv6 address?
A. 00:05:85:23:45:67
C. 2001:0db8:3000:2215:0000:0000: aaaa: 1111
D. 49.0001.0192.0168.1001.00
Answer: C

Which simplified IPv6 address is the same as the IP address 2001:0000:1000:0000:0000:cbff:0020:0001/64?
A. 2001::1::cbff:2:0001/64
B. 2001::1000::cbff:20:1/64
C. 2001:0:1000::cbff:20:1/64
D. 2001:0:1:0:0:cbff:2:1/64
Answer: C

What are three characteristics of UDP? (Choose three.)
A. UDP is faster than TCP.
B. UDP operates at the Transport Layer.
C. UDP is connection-oriented.
D. UDP data is sent best-effort.
E. UDP is more reliable than TCP.
Answer: A, B, D

Which layer in the OSI model is responsible for translating frames into bits?
A. Application Layer
B. Presentation Layer
C. Data Link Layer
D. Physical Layer
Answer: C

Which layer in the TCP/IP model is responsible for delivering packets to their destination?
A. Application Layer
B. Transport Layer
C. Internet Layer
D. Network Access Layer
Answer: C

Why is IPv6 packet processing more effective than IPv4 packet processing?
A. fixed header size
B. smaller header size
C. fewer header fields
D. variable header size
Answer: A

A user opens a webpage that requires the transmission of packets from the Web server to the client’s browser. The packets transmitted from the Web server to the client exceed the smallest MTU value on the communications path.
Which two protocol functions allow this type of communication? (Choose two.)
A. packet segmentation
B. serialized checking
C. packet sequencing
D. parallel checking
Answer: A, C

Which two statements are true about TCP communication? (Choose two.)
A. The receiver acknowledges the final packet in each communications stream.
B. The receiver adds sequencing numbers to the packets received.
C. The sender adds sequencing numbers to the packets it sends.
D. The receiver acknowledges each packet it receives from the sending device.
Answer: A, C

Which two statements are true about optical networks? (Choose two.)
A. SONET and SDH both use time-division multiplexing.
B. An optical transport network system uses time-division multiplexing.
C. SONET and SDH both use wavelength-division multiplexing.
D. An optical transport network system uses wavelength-division multiplexing.
Answer: A, D

At which layer of the OSI model does error checking occur with IPv6?
A. Layer 2
B. Layer 3
C. Layer 4
D. Layer 7
Answer: C


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