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Ktestは、ベンダーやサードパーティの承認のプロセスにコミットしています。Ktestの専門家や幹部が似これらの権限が提供する質の高い報道の信頼に値すると考えています。CiscoのCCIE400-101試験問題集認定製品は保証が付いています。この保証は、あなたが軸試験に成功することを保証します。この主張は、特に軸試験のための任意の個人または会社が行うことは非常に困難です。しかし、我々はKtest無料ダンプ部門で、我々は常に我々のコミットメントによって付着していると我々は、我々は一貫して軸試験で結果をもたらすことを証明しました。CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam模擬試験は、より良い他の誰よりもこの仕事を知っている業界の専門家によって構成されています。


Share some CCIE 400-101 exam questions and answers below.
Which two statements about DMVPN with NHRP are true? (Choose two)

A. NHRP shortens the configuration of the hub router.

B. NHRP dynamically provides information about the spoke routers to the hub.

C. NHRP disables multicast

D. The hub router uses NHRP to initiate the GRE tunnel with spokes.

E. The spoke routers act as the NHRP servers.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two conclusions can you draw from this output (choose two)

A. The device at the routing table has an APR entry for the device at

B. The packet was source-routed.

C. The device at is on the same subnet as the next hop for the device at

D. The device that produced the output uses different interfaces to send and receive traffic to and from the device at

E. The device that produced the output uses the same interface to send and receive traffic to and from the device at

Answer: C, E

The OSPF adjacency between two routers cannot be established.What is the root cause of the problem?

A. Both routers are designated routers.

B. different area ID

C. mismatched OSPF network types

D. authentication error

E. area type mismatch

Answer: E

Which statements are true about trunking?

A. When removing VLAN 1 from a trunk, management traffic such as CDP is no longer passed in that VLAN.

B. Cisco switches that run PVST+ do not transmit BPDUs on nonnative VLANs when using a dot 1 q trunk.

C. DTP is a point-to-point protocol.

D. DTP only supports autonegotiation on 802.1q and does not support autonegotiation for ISL.

Answer: C

Which feature can mitigate hung management sessions?

A. Control Plane Policing

B. the service tcp-keepalives-in and service tcp-keepalives-out command

C. the service tcp-small servers command

D. vty line ACLs

Answer: B

Refer to the Exhibit.

Which kind of ICMPv6 packet is shown in the output?

A. neighbor advertisement

B. neighbor solicitation

C. router discovery

D. time exceeded

E. router advertisement

Answer: B

Drag each OSPFv2 SA parameter on the left to its corresponding description on the right?


Which information is contained in an OSPF Type 7 Not-So-Stubby Area NSSA External LSA?

A. The paths and costs to all OSPF NSSA areas that are external to the current area.

B. The path and costs to reach other stub area border routers in the OSPF routing domain.

C. The address of routers that connect the current area to other areas and the cost to reach those routers.

D. External network address, mask, and cost to reach each network that is external to the OSPF domain and only within the NSSA

E. The external network address, mask, and cost to reach networks that are external to the OSPF NSSA, including the default route.

Answer: D


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